The New Member Boot Camp

We are beaming with pride as our VP of Education is featured by District 42 for creating a New Member Boot Camp! 
Alisen Dopf experienced information overload when she joined Toastmasters.
As a new member, she relied on in-person meetings to learn about Toastmasters. However, when the pandemic hit, it became a challenge to transition from in-person to online meetings. Alisen realized her situation was not unique. As a result, she decided to create The New Member Boot Camp.
The Boot Camp allowed new members to connect with each other while learning about the different meeting roles, Pathways and effectively participating in Zoom meetings.
All those who attended found it very valuable and are feeling much more confident on their Toastmasters journey.
We hope other clubs can also benefit by providing a similar training session. Alisen would like to send a special thank you to other Pace Setters Jessy, Natasha, and Tzonka who helped teach the session. Great job Pace Setters!

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