The New Member Boot Camp

We are beaming with pride as our VP of Education is featured by District 42 for creating a New Member Boot Camp!  Alisen Dopf experienced information overload when she joined Toastmasters. As a new member, she relied on in-person meetings to learn about Toastmasters. However, when the pandemic hit, it became a challenge to transition from in-person to online meetings. Alisen realized her situation was not unique. As a result, she decided to create The New Member Boot Camp. The Boot Camp allowed new members to connect with each other while learning about the different meeting roles, Pathways and effectively … Continue reading The New Member Boot Camp

25th Year Club Anniversary

Well, it is 25 years for Pacesetters and I want to say what a great pleasure it has been for me to be a member of this club for over 20 of those years. But I wasn’t originally a Pacesetter. I started at another club called Centennial TM. I joined because I was to be the MC at a big wedding anniversary party for my parents with hundreds of guests, and knew this was going to be a big challenge. I got a few speeches under my belt at Centennial, but when we came after a summer break, I found … Continue reading 25th Year Club Anniversary