Membership Application

To become a club member, please

  1. Completely fill out and sign the Membership Application.
  2. Completely fill out and sign the Payment Information document (page 3).
  3. Submit both completed and signed documents to a club officer.
  4. Please check here if you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) to view your educational materials.

For questions, please contact VP Membership.

Meeting Roles Forms

The Toastmaster Role Toastmaster
The Table Topics Master Role Table Topics Master
The Table Topics Evaluator Role Table Topics Evaluator
The Evaluator Role Evaluator
The General Evaluator Role General Evaluator
The Timer Role Timer 
The Chairperson Role Chairperson
The Minor Meeting Roles Minor Meeting Roles

Use this page to find TUTORIALS & RESOURCES.

Select a subject on the left of your screen to access a list of available items. Once you make your selection, a list of language options will appear below.

Find and select the item you would like to view, then select Launch. The item will open in a new tab or window and will be stored on your Paths and Learning page for future access.