President’s Distinguished Award:

President’s Distinguished Award:
Not only did Pace Setters achieve the highest honor a club can achieve from Toastmasters International, but we JUST received our 10th point. We have officially scored a perfect 10 out of 10!!!
Pace Setters is the first club in Division D to reach 10 points, and so far, we have the highest member rate.

Our final point was achieved by our Pace Setters finishing higher Level Pathways – thanks to Leena Alex and Eva Gustafsson for doubling down and completing the difficult and time-consuming Level 4 of their respective Pathways!

Thanks to ALL our members who also completed their pathways, as it all adds up to give our club points.

Pacesetters is a club that truly lives up to its name – you really do set the pace!!!
At a time when we so desperately need some good news to celebrate your club is a shining light! I am beyond thrilled to share with you that your club has achieved President’s Distinguished Club status and I am SO excited to congratulate you on this stellar achievement!!!
This is no easy feat because a club needs to meet membership, administration, and education goals to achieve this status. Your club is a club of excellence where not only do you meet goals, you exceed them! At a time when many clubs struggle to get new members and retain members, you kept your club above charter strength at 25 members!
One of the ways you achieved this was to attract 9 new members and to get them on track right away with your New Member Boot camp! Kudos to you and your team! You submitted Pathways education awards for 19 different levels – 7 of them being level ones!
Obviously, you mentor and encourage your new members to take advantage of all that Toastmasters has to offer them and have experienced Toastmasters to do so.
You also attended club officer training sessions, submitted club dues on time, and kept your club officer information up to date earning your club 10 DCP points – the maximum number of DCP points a club can earn. Not only has your club achieved all of this, but your club has done this under one of the most trying years I have ever seen in the many years I have been a toastmaster.
This is normally a phenomenal achievement, but I would say this is a monumental achievement in the times we find ourselves in. I am so proud of the work your executive has put into your club, that you have gone online with your meetings and that you are continuing to offer a toastmaster family where your members can keep in touch and challenge themselves. You are rock stars!
Thank you so much for your dedication and I hope you share this news with all your members. Your club should be very, very proud!!! I know I am!!!!

Thank you,
Katrina Aburrow DTM
Club Growth Director (2020-2021) | District 42
Toastmasters International

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