President - Carson Puetz
I am a recent graduate from Mount Royal University looking for an opportunity to enhance my public speaking abilities. Upon learning about Toastmasters, and specifically Calgary Pace Setters, I jumped at the chance and joined the Club in October of 2019. My favorite thing about our club is being part of a like-minded, yet very diverse, group of individuals who motivate me, support me and challenge me to better myself.
While I have enjoyed cultivating my skill set in many aspects of speaking and communication, I soon learned that there was more than meets the eye to Toastmasters. In addition to public speaking, I’ve improved my listening skills, enriched my vocabulary, and even mentored other members. I was part of the 2020-21 executive board here at Pace Setters, serving as Sergeant at Arms. I am now eager and excited to join the 2021-22 executive board, this time as Club President, where I plan to put my leadership skills to the test and give back to the Pace Setters community.
When I’m not busy writing my next speech or working on my current pathway, you can find me at a recreation center, where I enjoy playing and watching hockey. Other enjoyments are juggling, reading novels, playing board games with family, and relaxing with my two pet cats.

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I joined Toastmasters in June 2020, based on a friend’s recommendation, because I wanted to develop my skills as a speaker. It turns out Toastmasters is much more than that: Toastmasters is Where Leaders Are Made! I am passionate about people and continuous development, hence, Toastmasters suits both of my interests.
I am so grateful for the chance Toastmaster provides for helping people grow. Practicing speeches in a safe environment, while developing communicator competencies and turning butterflies into confidence is priceless.
Outside our Pace Setters club, I enjoy the library environment; there it feels like the time is ticking at a different pace, and the books silently aim to share their secrets with me. Also, I like dirt biking, where there is not much time to think and I’m reminded that the laws of physics exist! I love challenges, and I feel alive when I am out of my comfort zone. I love to sing and dance by the camping fire!
What else can I say about myself? I have the most fantastic husband, who has been my soulmate for almost 30 years now. We have two magnificent daughters who live their adult lives on their own. I am slowly learning my entrepreneurial skills. One dream I have is to teach entrepreneurship / leadership programs to junior high or high-school youths. I am fascinated by their fresh and yet different opinions on life.
VP Education - Lorraine Dionne
VP Public Relations - Andreea Munteanu
I’ve been part of the Calgary Pace Setters Club since October 2020. I’ve joined them to expand my network and boost my confidence as a speaker.  
My favorite part about our club is its members. I am lucky to have met a group of diverse, dedicated, supportive and hard working professionals who are always ready to have fun. Since I’ve joined Toastmasters I’ve improved my confidence in my own abilities to speak with and in front of strangers,  I’ve made new friends and I’ve learned to give actionable feedback. Tuesday evening (when we have our club meeting) has become my favorite part of the week, moreover during the COVID-19 pandemic. 
Outside Toastmasters, I enjoy reading and gardening, drawing and experimenting with colors. During the summer, I like discovering the lakes and the trees hidden in the Canadian Rockies. 
I would recommend Toastmasters to anyone whose English is not their first language, to anyone who struggles when meeting new people or speaking in front of their co-workers; to anyone who wants to become a supportive leader. Calgary Pace Setters Club is like Hotel California – you are welcome anytime you want, but you can never leave (because you will not want to).
I am an Electrical Engineer – MBA and a proven business leader with demonstrated success in Sales Management, Organizational Leadership, Strategy Development, and Execution. I have more than 15 years of progressive working experience in the Energy Industry. I focus on creating long-term value and sustainable growth through optimal alignment of resources, clear articulation of goals and objectives, leading to trust, teamwork and commitment.
I have joined Toastmasters to further improve my strategic communication and leadership skills.
I am an avid learner who enjoys jogging daily, practicing yoga and meditation. Learning new languages is one of my favorite hobbies. I’m originally from Venezuela, and have been living in Calgary for almost 10 years.
VP Membership - Simon Rodriguez
Treasurer - Brad Moore
I just joined Toastmasters in Nov 2020. We have a lot of zoom meetings at work and I found that I was not able to communicate my ideas very well. I had heard about Toastmasters from a friend and thought it might help. It did!
My favourite part about the Pace Setters is that it’s a very warm and welcoming environment. I was very nervous and didn’t know anyone but after sitting in on a couple of meetings (you can come to three to feel it out), I knew this group of people and the fairly rigid structure of the meetings would both help and appeal to my sense of learning.
I’ve gained a lot from being a part of Toastmasters. Primary, among the members are the value of preparation, practice, and experimentation in delivering a speech; the value of silence and not using crutch/filler words like Uhm, So, Ahh when talking to a crowd; a whole host of tips for speaking off the cuff; and simply meeting a couple of dozen very interesting, warm and friendly people.
Outside of Toastmasters, I’m a father of three boys but my wife and I are recent empty nesters. I work for a multinational insurance company as part of a team that leads the Canadian business development, plus I’m involved in several technology ventures, all of which takes up a fair bit of my time but in quite a good and challenging way. I’m a big fan of skiing in the winter, golf and gardening in the summer, and hiking year-round. I also try and keep time for artistic and more creative pursuits.
To anyone who’s interested in Toastmasters I’d say that Toastmasters is a good safe environment to take the first step out of your comfort zone on the road to improving your communication abilities. There is no pressure and everyone who starts on this path does so because they want to improve themselves in some way. As a result, you end up meeting a whole bunch of fantastic people who genuinely have a hopeful outlook on life. And that makes for a nice place to hang out for a couple of hours a week!
I am a Talent Consultant in Calgary with over 10 years experience in Human Resources, especially in recruitment. I enjoy this profession because I can positively impact peoples’ careers. 
I joined Calgary Pacesetters Toastmasters in May 2016 and served as VP Membership and President in the past. Currently, I am Secretary of Calgary Pacesetters and Area Director D23. I completed Level 5 in Leadership Development Pathways. 
I authored a book last year – “Overcome your interview Anxieties”, aimed at helping all those who need resume and interview advice. I am an Indo-Canadian and have lived in Alberta for the past 16 years.
Secretary - Leena Mary Alex
Sergeant at Arms - Jovana Ivkovic
I have always been the shy and quiet type growing up, so I’ve decided to join Toastmasters to overcome that and to improve my self confidence. 
For fun, I love to mix and experiment making different cocktails for the family.
As part of the Calgary Pace Setters Club, I have improved my leadership skills. I’ve learned how to start our meetings with confidence. I have even learned time management skills. Another benefit of being a Calgary Pace Setters member is that I have made some great friends.
I’ve joined Toastmasters since February 2013, to get over my fear of public speaking. My favourite past about our Pace Setters Club is the community, the professionalism, and seeing each member grow and improve.
Being part of Toastmasters, I’ve learned to speak on my feet and get over my fear of speaking. My intent has been mostly to get over my fear of public speaking, but at the same time I’ve been learning valuable leadership skills that help me in my profession. My biggest takeaway from taking on the role of the Club President is not to wait for another year or a better time, because a better time will never come.  Make a decision and JUST DO IT!  I have learned that I am not doing it on my own; there is always a team to work with and turn to for help.  
Outside of Toastmasters I enjoy hiking in the mountains, spending time with friends, reading books, and listening to educational health webinars.
To anyone interested in Toastmasters, I’d say that you have nothing to lose. This is the best way to get in front of people and not feel judged. We are in the same boat and that’s why it is much easier doing it together. We want you to succeed. We are here to help you grow. Toastmasters is a PERFECT place to learn.
Past President - Eva Gustafsson