Have you found your membership growth a little sluggish lately? If so, we have a training session that just might help.

This seminar will show how the Calgary Pace Setters went from a club on life support to one that is thriving with thirty members (and yes, we have increased membership during Covid with online-only meetings).

Our panel of speakers will describe what each team member does to help promote our club, and how we work together to attract new members. We also have two brand new Toastmaster members who will describe how the process of becoming a new member felt from their perspective. The training ends with a Question and Answer section for our audience to participate.

This seminar is ideal for anyone looking to increase their club membership, but it is also key for Club Mentors.

Training is provided by the  Calgary Pace Setter’s VP Membership, VP Public Relations, VP Education, and our President, based on our team approach to attracting new members.

We look forward to meeting you all on Friday, March 5th at 7:00 pm.

For more information or to register and get your Zoom link to, please: click here


  • Past President Vesna Ivkovic
  • VP Membership Alex Campbell
  • VP PR Natasha Kutryk
  • President Eva Gustafsson
  • VP Education Alisen Dopf

Venue:   Online