My name is Vesna Ivkovic and I have been a standing member of the Calgary Pacesetters since April 2013. I joined together with my daughter Jovana to improve her self-confidence and overcome her shyness. After our first visit to the club, I liked it so much that I decided to keep her company.

I had some previous public speaking experience as a Master of ceremonies at a cousin’s wedding, as well as public events organized by a cultural heritage society that I belong to. I must have done better than I thought since I was voted in as president this year. I guess this means that I’ll have to do more public speaking. Regardless, this was a very nerve-racking process for me so I thought that Toastmasters was an opportunity to improve my public speaking skills and get rid of the nervousness that haunted me. So here I am.

I have been part of the executive board for the last 3 years, including VP of Membership and VP of Education, and President. I believe this experience has improved both my leadership and speaking skills.

I must mention that “Table Topics” helped me tremendously at a job interview with West Jet. I was so confident and impressed with myself that, to this day, I don’t understand why I didn’t get the job.

However, I did complete my Competent Communication, Competent Leadership, Advanced Leadership Bronze, and Advanced Communicator Bronze awards. I also represented our club in a Humorous Speech Contest and acted as judge and timer in other contests. Every role we take on outside the club helps in building our leadership skills.

I love being part of Calgary Pacesetters and consider the members my toastmaster family. Helping others get their goals done is very rewarding. Please visit our Toastmasters family in September as a guest and experience all the great things that we’re doing.

Email me at  Vesna Ivkovic