How long have you been a member of Toastmasters? Three years and a half.

Why did you first join Toastmaster? I joined Toastmasters because I wanted to improve my self-confidence when speaking to people. I wanted to be able to do well in a job interview.

What is your favorite part about our Pace Setters Club? I love how supportive are the club members they are like a second family.

What have you learned/gained from being a part of Toastmasters? I have gained the confidence to speak English professionally and publicly.

Outside of Toastmasters, how do you spend your time? I love doing things with my family such as fishing, biking, walking. I love oil painting, cake decorating, and gardening. I have a business degree with a major in accounting. In 2019 I finished the Certification in Production Accounting CAPPA.

What would you tell someone who’s interested in Toastmasters? It is a wonderful program that provides detailed training in your career as a public speaker. The club provides a great opportunity to meet people with the same interest as you. Club members are very supportive and very encouraging.

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